I want more…


I want more than holidays and birthdays.

I want more than casual glances and high fives.

I want more than stolen moments of you with the kids.

I want more than good mornings and good byes.

I want more than I pray you have a blessed and safe day.

I want more than I hope you have a good night.

I want more than a casual hangout in the car.

I want more I want more of you.

I want more I want more of us.

I want more I want more of we.

I want more of what we never had.

I want more of what could have been.

I want more of you after growth.

I want to give you more of me.


I want more knowledge of who I’m am because then and only then will I truly know if you are my “I want more.”

When you’re mourning the end of a relationship that (in your mind) was supposed to be your happily ever after, it’s hard to accept the reality that it failed. I find myself going through a roller coaster of states of mind.

I want more of you, was my yesterday.

Today I want more for and of myself.

Only God knows my tomorrow.

The true testimony is that God has kept me through it all, my yesterday, my today and what is in store for my tomorrow

Stay Focused

God has been working on me in this particular area and I wanted to share in hopes that it will be a blessing to another woman of God. Remember your testimony, journey and blessings are meant to be shared, so that it will be a blessing to another and that God will get the glory. In order to continue to get poured into, you must pour out into others.

As women, we wear a lot of hats and are ALWAYS doing something, on the run and checking things off the extensive laundry list. Well, God put it on my heart to share some wisdom with you all and tell you to “stay focused”. You must be IN the moment with whomever you are with and wherever you are located. Stop being in your crazy thought life of dwelling on what happened or what is to come. He has it all figured out and He just wants you to be in the moment and stay focused on the present. For example….Enjoy your child going on and on telling you about their day at school, even when you’re drained and tired trying to figure out why the clinical rounds meeting went the way it did and/or how you will complete the next task on your list. Make eye contact with that precious gift from God (they are not a burden), not looking at your phone and really engage with them. Because before you know it they will be grown, won’t want to be around you, won’t want to talk to you or need you due to independence. Also, let’s not forget that tomorrow isn’t promised to anybody, even for the little ones. I leave you with this….Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t here yet, so ENJOY what’s right here and right now, stay focused!!!

Amen! 🙏🏽