Women of God. I would like to share a word of advice that will be a blessing to you. It’s easier said than done especially when it comes to those closest to you, however it is possible.

-Stop trying to manage others decisions and manage your own….It’s enough!

Proverbs 19:20 Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise.

True Love ❤️

No human relationship will test our understanding of love more than marriage. If you’re like us, you’ve fought to love each other in your marriage but have often fallen short. Where is the disconnect? If “love never fails,” why does it . . . fail?

The deepest disagreements you will experience as a married couple always have to do with your objective view of love and the expectations that come along with it. This materialized early on in our marriage whenever we’d argue about quality time. I need quality time to feel loved. However, my husband doesn’t need it as much, and he’d often work late into the evening thinking that he was actively loving me by providing. I felt utterly unloved if he was absent. He felt unloved if his work went unappreciated.

In other words, our own views of love are subjective. We need an external standard. Only then do we realize that the imperfect moments in marriage are our most potent opportunities to love FULLY.

Selfless Prayer

Dear Lord, You have designed each of us with a unique personality and skill set. You’ve also given each of us a distinct passion and interest in certain things. All of this combined with our different backgrounds comes together to point us in the direction of our purpose. God, help me as a spouse to be a support to my spouse in pursuing their purpose. Show me what I can do to strengthen their ability to carry out what You have called them to do. I know You have a purpose for me as well, but I don’t want that to get in the way of what You have created my spouse to fulfill.

With every purpose comes challenges, setbacks, and discouragements in its pursuit. I want to be a sounding board for my spouse to be able to talk about these things in a safe, loving environment where I don’t try to fix it or question it or even change it, but rather I provide encouragement and hope to keep going. Help me to be a blessing in my spouse’s life so that they reach the greatest fulfillment of Your purpose in their life. Keep me from selfish ambitions and even selfish desires that may stand in the way of what You have designed us individually, and as a couple, to pursue. In Christ’s name, amen.

Father God, I thank You for Your faithfulness. I ask not only for Your wisdom, but for the willingness to obey. Lord, give me a heart that always desires to obey Your Word. Help me to stay on the narrow and straight path no matter how difficult. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Open Your Mouth!

Women of God, when the enemy is attacking you…OPEN YOUR MOUTH. When the spirit of anxiety comes over you…OPEN YOUR MOUTH. When there is spiritual warfare in your marriage…OPEN YOUR MOUTH. No matter what is coming against you, as a true witness, I am advising you to please…OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!! The enemy wants nothing more than for you to be quiet. Being under attack is the perfect time to open your mouth and pray, pray, pray!!!

Father God, I thank You for grace that is new every morning. Your grace gives me something good that I can meditate on each day. Lord, help me to protect my heart and mind from negative thoughts. Help me to take captive every thought and bend it to Your will. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

The Process

My husband and I was having constant communication issues for about a month and a half. The devil was using this to create separation between us. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around why it has suddenly become an issue now, after being married for 10 years and together for 16 years. After having a heated argument one evening, I abruptly left the house to get some air and my thoughts together. While sitting in my car in silence and praying to God, He spoke to me and said “this is your reality because you knew who your husband was before marrying him”. “I am aware of the changes he needs to make but it will not happen on your time.” Then tears started streaming down my face. I just broke down. During this time I was texting my sister from another mother (lol) for some comfort and to just process what God has just revealed to me. To make a long story short, she replied to me saying “sometimes we just want to avoid the process”. BAM…there was my breakthrough! That’s exactly what it was and where my frustration came from. I just wanted God to make a change in my husband’s communication and attitude on my terms (like yesterday). However, God gently reminded me that my husband’s lack of communication and struggles are not mine to take on as my own. It’s not my battle to fight, it’s God’s. Although we want certain things in our husband to be a certain way, just know that in the way it occurs, it’s because God allowed it. Therefore, He is in control and we must trust that He knows what He is doing. Even if it’s not in the way we would expect it to go. So as a result we must go through the process. The following is the definition of PROCESS:

1. 1. 
a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.
1. 1. 
perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on (something) in order to change or preserve it.

With that said, God takes us through some struggles to help us to realize that He will need to take us through a series of actions/steps in order to achieve a particular end. Victory!!! My husband and I went through long days of no communication, minimum contact to tough conversations during that month and a half. It seemed like the longest month and a half of my life but looking back on it now, I see that God knew what he was doing. During that time He pruned certain behaviors and attitudes out of both of us. We came out of it stronger and more knowledgeable than we were before going through that struggle. So, wrote this to share and say that your days may seem tough and unbearable but you can do it! Stay strong, keep your focus on God, pray over your situation and speak life into it. It’s not what you go through but how you go through it. Remember, God is with you and He will never leave you nor forsake you. If He did it for me, He will do it for you!